Saturday 27th August, 4pm

Live at Jupiter Rising

Host: Mika Simmons

Guest: Nell Hudson

Did you know that the uterus is the strongest muscle in the body? Or that more people own a vibrator than a dishwasher? For the first time ever, THE HAPPY VAGINA podcast with its shame busting, mind opening, truth seeking conversation is going to be live at Jupiter Rising. Host, Mika Simmons will be joined by Outlander star, actress and author Nell Hudson as they do a deep dive into all things women’s health, intimacy and relationships - promising not only to educate but also entertain and enlighten.

MIKA SIMMONS is an award winning filmmaker, actress and host of The Happy Vagina podcast which empowers women through inspirational content. In 2021 Mika was chosen by Harpers Bazaar as one of their female Visionaries and included as one of You Magazine’s 21 extraordinary women of the year.