Quines Cast – Wild is an afternoon of feminist thought, music, theatre and literature. Inspired by the salons of the enlightenment, Quines Cast is a podcast that brings together contributions from a range of feminist brains to provide retreat, renewal and solidarity for women and other marginalised genders.

Join presenters Caitlin Skinner and Hannah Lavery for the second podcast recording live from Jupiter Rising which will respond to the theme 'Wild'. Featuring contributions from Amanda Thomson, Victoria McNulty, Kathryn Joseph and a new short play by Rona Munro. What is our relationship with the wild in nature and in ourselves. Where can we still be truly wild? Is access to wild places only for the privileged? Are we brought up to fear our wild natures and do we need to reclaim them? Quines Cast is a coming together of intersectional feminist thought, music, theatre and writing to provide retreat, renewal and solidarity.