“SHHE is a solo project musically but it’s a platform for collaboration in every other way. One of the main drivers has been opening myself up to different forms of expression – dance, photography, film. I get inspiration from exploring and discovering different perspectives.”

To question her own identity, SHHE had to first deconstruct it. This involved leaving her former life in Fife, including her relationship, and relocating to Dundee, where SHHE found herself in the company of creatives – dancers, musicians, visual artists – who helped to widen her musical vision. One of those people was photographer Harry Clark, who was also a dancer with Scottish Dance Theatre at the time, and who collaborated with Shaw on her first outing as ‘SHHE’ on the attention-grabbing single Eyes Shut. Incorporating visuals in the form of contemporary dance gave Shaw a wider understanding of how other mediums could impact and enforce the message of her work; the video for the single told the story of a love affair and a journey of self-discovery between two male dancers.

Image courtesy of artist