Saoirse Amira Anis

Inspired by the value of empathy, Saoirse’s work often investigates personal therapeutic processes, and how this relates to the ways we share our vulnerabilities with each other. She has been considering the potential that lies in caring for ourselves and others, and the extent to which this nurturing can benefit us both personally and politically. This is informed by the calls for radical community-based approaches to governance and care that run through most queer Black feminist thought. She is also interested in her personal ancestry and often uses her art to explore the ways in which she feels responsible for the continuation of her cultural heritage. Her practice incorporates performance (stemming from her infinite love for dancing), sculpture (stemming from her infinite love for materials), sometimes writing (if she’s feeling confident), and sometimes singing (if she’s feeling especially confident).

Freedom Princess will host a drop-in knighting ceremony on behalf of the Princessdom of Freedomia.

Being from the celestial realm, Freedomia is neither a perpetrator nor victim of oppression or colonisation. It has no links to capitalism or state-fuelled inequality; no bloody history of slavery or terror.

Freedom Princess invites all festival-goers to be knighted by her and form an allegiance with her lack of allegiance. Through this ceremony, she hopes to encourage people to join her to create their own reality, acknowledge their own worth and feel free from the systems of oppression that perpetually exclude so many of us.