Sam Austen

Sam Austen creates mesmerising, abstract 16mm films that incorporate a range of DIY multi-layered special effects, using studio built objects, handmade rigs and created in-camera by analogue means. The films include extended uncut sequences whereby layers of imagery are superimposed upon one another in repetition, by carefully rewinding the film within the camera and re-shooting material back upon itself.

Animated cinema, graphic novels, horror film and sci-fi are particular influences. Austen is interested in creating an awareness of the image as a physical entity, yet something that wrestles with it’s non-physical nature, wrangling with an excessively expanding eye that flirts with both the virtual and the real. A constant vortex of looking and longing, both inwards and outwards of the image.

Image: still from 'A Cool Drink To Cheek', 16mm onto HD (2014), image courtesy of the artist