Rosa-Johan Uddoh (b.1993, Croydon) is an interdisciplinary artist working towards radical self-love, inspired by Black feminist practice and writing. Through performance, writing and multi-media installation, she explores places, objects and celebrities in British popular culture, and their effects on self-formation.Collaboration is key to Rosa's work, often working together with children, activists and other artists.

Solo presentations include: ‘Pink tongue, brown cheek’ (Stuart Hall Library, London) and ‘Practice Makes Perfect’, Focal Point Gallery & Bluecoat (Southend and Liverpool, 2021-2022). Uddoh’s film ‘Black Poirot: remastered’ recently premiered at Tate Modern, London and Pioneer Works, New York. Her book ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ co-published by Bookworks and Focal Point Gallery is coming soon in June 2022, and is currently available for pre-order.