Robert Sotelo

Robert Sotelo is a Glasgow based song creator with releases on Upset the Rhythm, Kingfisher Bluez and most recently Nicey Music of Los Angeles, who released his electronic folk album ‘Botanical’ in 2018.

Sotelo has been playing this material live in recent months, accompanied by Tuba and Saxophone, building on the minimal keyboard template of the record itself.

Attempting to channel the aura of McCartney 2, Mort Garson, Beverly Glenn-Copland and Martin Newall, his once described ‘wonky pop’ is a continuous and evolving attempt at development despite indecisiveness.

With a new guitar based LP due once again on Upset the Rhythm later this year, Sotelo struggles to keep at the same thing for too long, with the only certainty in his musical life being the comfort of confusion.

Image credit: Beth Chalmers