Richard Chater

Half-Indian, half-Highlander Richard has been involved in Glasgow's electronic music community since the late 90's, promoting various shows and releasing records by his friends before going onto be part of the crew behind the Numbers parties and record label which has released music from SOPHIE, Perko, Shapednoise, Mosca, Lanark Artefax and more.

During the day and often at night he can be found at Rubadub where he has worked since 2004, operating the vinyl distribution side of the business, Importing records in from Detroit and helping labels from Scotland and beyond to get their records out to the wider world.

An avid music collector, Richard likes to connect the dots between hip-hop, detroit techno, house, electro, funk, freestyle, dancehall, soul, R&B with new experimental electronic music which you can hear on his monthly show on Clydebuilt Radio.