Mele Broomes

Wrapped Up In This (film screening)

A journey of rebirth through a life built to care. A womxn is called upon for service, following in the footsteps of her past generation and members of the Old World. With her ancestors alongside to guide and protect her, she leads herself to the opportunity she has been waiting for. With pride, she transcends physical distance to reach her apex; her journey is euphoric, visceral, and spiritual in nature. A time of growth, understanding, and inner battle. To fulfil the will of those who came before her, with the knowledge that one day, she too will join them in guiding a new generation of black womxn through life and love, of the self and others.

This is a reflective space to listen to the present archive. The narration of vocal melodies, dance and spoken word embodies a lingering question that haunts her. She asks herself. Is this the way you want me to be?

Mele Broomes is an artist and director. Her work embodies stories from the collective voice, creating visceral and sensory collaborations through her ancestral heritage. Activating social questions, remembering and celebrating.