Matias Aguayo, Chilean-born and German-raised, has written a wide, varying body of work that has refused to settle into any genre-specific terms. The uncanny rhythms he makes, born from a love of house music, new-wave, industrial, local and foreign music forms are built on what he has always considered his most important instrument – the voice. From a young adult with a background in theatre (where he directed, acted and performed), Aguayo uses his voice to slip into different character roles and imitate sounds to created a colourful, staged illusion. Using machines (drum, sampler and microphone), Aguayo shadow-plays between vocal performance and instrumentation, cloaking both in an intensely receptive, improvised performance; fed by audience reactivity.

On his travels and tours, whether in Buenos Aires forming an arts and music project known as Juven-tud Clandestina (Clandestine Youth), or later street party happenings, or throwing underground parties in Cologne, inspiring his ‘A Night At The Tilehouse EP’, (Soul Jazz Records, 2007), Matias Aguayo has a magnetic personality that draws him to eccentrics and outsiders from all over the world; whether they are making unique music and are free-thinking individuals with less a ‘hive minded’ view of the mu-sical process. Not one of these people would fit into a specific genre or ‘school’ and Aguayo created his label, Cómeme (now co-run with Avril Ceballos) as a home for this assorted crew.