Karen Gwyer

'Let's just make it a bit strange' could be the mantra of this techno artist raised in the USA but installed in London. From her hand we will float in outer space, between synthesizers and mechanical sounds, in a supernova of hypnotic melodies and futuristic techno.

Gwyer is one of the few techno artists that performs her concerts completely live, using mostly analog synthesizers for her compositions. Methodical and passionate about her brutal creations, Gwyer adds a magical mysticism to each of her warm and expressive pieces. 'What I play is super intense and super heavy' comments Gwyers in residentadvisor; a magic heaviness that invites to dance, sweat and delve into the tsunami that she offers to the world.

Let's make it strange Karen, come on, we’ll follow you.

Image credit: Jackie Dewe Mathews