Furmaan Ahmed

Born in 1995, Furmaan Ahmed is a multi-disciplinary artist from Glasgow. They are currently working and studying at Central Saint Martins in London. Coming from a background of set design and fashion image, Furmaan is interested in creating mood enhancing environments and moments.

Furmaan's work visits concepts of abjection, the grotesque and divinity. Often adopting codes of historical design to create alternative histories and possible futures. Furmaan is interested in islamic ornamentation, queer brown hybridity and the marriage of technology and the natural world. Furmaan’s work is an ongoing exploration the future of a trans brown body. In 2016 Furmaan was the recipient of the Robertson Trust Scholarship. Furmaan has worked with clients and artists such as Kate Moss, SOPHIE, Tate Modern and David Lachappelle. Recent exhibitions include 'Dozakh' at Steinsland Berliner Gallery (2019), 'A moment that will never happen' at Tate Modern (2018) and 'Seeking Thistles Get Pickles' (2018).

Furmaan is designing the late night stage for in collaboration with OH141.