Free Love

Free Love is the powerhouse guise of Scottish artists Lewis Cook and Suzanne Cook. Paragons of the cross-pollinating Glasgow DIY scene, experimenting in electronics, dubbed-out Italo-disco and synthesized pastoral textures; the duo oscillate between meditative Alice Coltrane-meets-Cluster synthesized vistas, unabashed gallic synthpop chic and melting dancefloor-tuned bangers. All of the above is underpinned by a sincerity of intention, manifested in the form of a knowing new-new-age vision: "One day we will all be dead - but here we are alive instead".

Their thunderous live sets have seen them tour Europe, USA, India and Russia with the likes of The Flaming Lips, Liars and James Holden and The Animal Spirits, with Suzanne often tearing through the audience centering the energy in the middle of the room over the live hardware electronics operated by Lewis from the stage turning into a ritualistic communal catharsis. Their releases on Night School Records, Optimo Music, Lost Map Records and Full Ashram have seen them nominated for the Scottish Album of the Year Award several times and ranking high in (and topping) end of year lists. As well as performing their debut Boiler Room live set from their own home studio (Full Ashram Celestial Garden) during lockdown and remixing music for Django Django and Charlotte Gainsbourg, in the deficit of live shows, the couple started a project called Hear Yoga & Sound, inviting collaborators from around the world to perform live music and teach yoga to an online community which continues to expand. With new material on the horizon and a fully-charged NRG, expect big waves as Free Love emerge.