Etienne Kubwabo

Etienne Kubwabo is a film-maker and writer who has written, directed and produced award-winning documentaries, films and and over 120 music videos. Most recently, Etienne Kubwabo created Scotland’s first-ever black superhero DJ E.T (Beats of war) which has featured on BBC’s The Social, BBC Radio Scotland and STV’s national news.

Etienne was commissioned by BEMIS Scotland, in collaboration with the Scottish Government, to explore Scotland’s story via the eyes and through the voices of our diverse ethnic and cultural minority communities called ‘Scotland’s Memoir’ and a documentary on the stories of young and talented writers, artists and musicians called ‘We are Scotland’.


DJ E.T. is a superhero who comes to Earth to find a way to save his home planet from robot invaders - in the process, he discovers music. Come create your own super-hero and join this fun-filled musical adventure discovering what is around us and how DJ E.T sees this new world he has arrived into.