Eric Chenaux

“We experiment and improvise when we listen; improvise and experiment with our thoughts and what could be called a life: when we walk or take a walk, when we cook, in conversation with our friends, how we listen to others, how we react (or resist), how we love, what we drink and when we drink it, we play with language and repetition, how we move or don’t move and how we dance or swing to music.”

That's what makes Eric Chenaux, experimentation and conceptual love songs that are not meant to sound conceptual. Unstructured improvisation for the pleasure of the unexpected, for the love of the unknown. Guitar and voice separating and uniting as the protagonists of a romantic movie, one against the other and one with the other, but always the two of them united somehow through love. Music and lyrics with which we will let ourselves be loved, explored and challenged from the free and open night.

Photo by JB Deucher