Communal leisure B2B Rattle Library

Rattle Library is an independent library hosted by Glasgow Autonomous Space built on donations and run non-hierarchically and not-for-profit. Their name comes from the rattles used in the Glasgow rent strikes, where women used rattles to alert folk to approaching bailiffs. Communal Leisure is a website and magazine that examines music, art and politics, based in Glasgow. They aim to unpack ideas of work, labour, ‘DIY’ culture, and leisure.

The Communal leisure and Rattle Library crew have come together to curate a bespoke library for Jupiter Rising critical of the oppressive forces in our world to help us to imagine and build something better! Issue 4 of Communal leisure will be available as a series of short read pamphlets which will form the basis of some informal micro-reading groups through the day. The library is a drop-in kind of space open for quiet reading from 11am to 6pm on Saturday, come and read some books and zines, have some snacks.