From leading the acclaimed bands Operator Please (straight out of school) and Bossy Love, Amandah Wilkinson has spent most of her teenage and adult life front and centre in the music industry. Now, a decade and a half into her frankly incredible career she’s taking the bold step of striking out on her own as AMUNDA.

Festivals, showcases in the world’s biggest and best cities, award nominations, plays on MTV and BBC Radio, supporting Kelis, Tank & The Bangas and Metronomy, appearing on Later…with Jools…. Amandah Wilkinson has seen and done more than most in the past fifteen years. Now, after having the support structures of band mates and collaborators - Wilkinson has always been a prolific songwriter and topliner for others - she’s finally got the stage to herself as AMUNDA.

Born in Western Australia to Indonesian and British parents, and moving back and forth between New Zealand and Australia in her early years set Wilkinson up for a peripatetic lifestyle with Operator Please and Bossy Love. Eventually relocating to the UK, (first London then Glasgow), AMUNDA is now based between Copenhagen and Glasgow writing some of her best and most personal music to date.

Compared to the guitars of Operator Please and the “glossy pop stomp” of Bossy Love, AMUNDA allows Wilkinson to explore a darker strand of music while still maintaining the bold choruses and killer melodies that’s defined her career to date.

Having been vocal about Bossy Love allowing her to be “vulnerable, and it was okay to embrace my femininity and sexuality, things that I felt I wasn't allowed to explore [previously]”, Wilkinson is using the songs as AMUNDA to build herself back up from a low point where she felt she had lost her way in the depths of a deep depression. AMUNDA is Wilkinson breaking herself open, stepping into her power and starting an upward cycle from the darkness into the light.